A polycarbonate bottle is a shatter-resistant container that weighs less, but is more durable, than a glass bottle. Polycarbonate bottles are made of a hard polymer substance known as Bisphenol A (BPA). Many people use bottles made of polycarbonate for portable water containers that are lightweight and unbreakable, as well as reusable. The polycarbonate bottle is a familiar sight around gyms, offices, pools and homes with young children.

Also known as sport bottles, polycarbonate bottles have gained favor with consumers who are concerned with reducing waste. Unlike disposable plastic bottles that can harm the environment, containers made of polycarbonates offer a long lasting, recyclable canteen for thirsty people. Many bicycling enthusiasts, joggers, campers, and even urban dwellers, think the polycarbonate bottle is a good way to stay green while staying hydrated.